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AI Powered Trading Bot Software Application V.1.0
Asset-Based Real Estate Co-Working Spaces

About Ethercoin

The Ethercoin team is comprised of hedge fund traders and developers with over 30 years of combined investing and trading experience across global financial markets. Ethercoin is an ERC20 token based on an open source, peer to peer, decentralized, public blockchain utilizing smart contracts. Ethercoin was developed by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiast who recognized the need for a cryptocurrency that has low volatility and is backed by a TANGIBLE ASSET, real estate.

Unique Innovation

We developed Ethercoin foreseeing the volatile market in cryptocurrencies. We decided to expand our asset-based portfolio by creating Ether Space an asset-based company that would involve putting co-working spaces for the first time on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum blockchain co-working spaces are a unique innovation. We hope to run the spaces as a decentralized autonomous organization. Members will vote equally on operation processes during the building process. Investors will enjoy the benefits of acquiring and spending Ethercoins to rent co-working spaces, make purchases from the snack bar and online at Ether Space locations around the globe.

How It Works

When customers rent a co-working space at Ether Space, they can pay with USD or Ethercoin but customers will be given a huge discount if they pay using Ethercoin. For example, when customers rent space for a week, the rate will be $180 if paid with USD and $140 if paid with Ethercoin. Paying with Ethercoin will be the most cost efficient option. The next question from customers will be: How do I get Ethercoin? We will then show customers how to purchase Ethercoin from an exchange on location. This will encourage investors to buy and hold Ethercoin as the price continues to increase over time due to the success of Ether Space. We plan to eventually expand Ether Space globally. Ethercoin tokens are controlled by investors, and they can redeem their tokens from their vault at any time and receive their Ethercoin tokens back. The vault option will be available to investors after the first Ether Space location has been open and running successfully for one year. Investors will vote on Ether Space locations and also the cryptocurrency education classes and training that will be offered at the locations.

Investors will need to upload their ID before participating quarterly earnings when the vault becomes available. Investors can withdraw their tokens that are stored in their vault and will be able to release their Ethercoin tokens at any time. It is as simple as pressing a cancel button and all tokens will be returned to the investors ERC20 wallet. Investors are in total control of their tokens.

How will Ethercoin Protect their Investors from cryptocurrency volatility?

Tethers are anchored or ‘tethered’ to real-world currencies. Tethers are new assets that move across the blockchain just as easily as other digital currencies. Tether currencies are not money, but are digital tokens formatted to work on blockchains. Tethers hold their value at 1:1 to the underlying assets. 15% of the total money earned for investors from the ICO will be moved into tether. In case of unforeseen events tether will be converted back into Eth and distributed at a percent to investors according to their initial principle investment during the ICO only.

Bitcoin Theft Insurance

Ethercoin intends to work with BitSecure to offer our investors a pathway to Bitcoin theft insurance policies. Ethercoin will be traded for Eth or BTC. The insurance product can be customized for each investor can provide a robust cyber and professional liability policy that goes well beyond narrow crime policies previously adopted by some Bitcoin vault providers. The policy protects both the corporate policyholder as well as individuals from acts of error, or omission (including terrorism technology, processes, and employees) that may result in a theft of insured Bitcoins (or their related private keys). Coverage extends to both external hacking incidents and employee theft. Both hot wallets and cold storage are eligible for coverage in the policy. In the event of a covered loss, the policy would reimburse the policy holder as a direct loss payee (a feature not offered by any other insurance program) for the full value of the stolen insured Bitcoins, subject to policy terms. In addition, the policy provides the corporate policy holders with unprecedented ability to work directly with its customers in the management and resolution of such incidents.

The Solution

There are currently many AI Trading Bots out there today that investors can choose from Autonio, Gunbot and Hassbot etc. We have used these bots for testing purposes. Our goal is to keep developing a bot that will offer more features and a better user interface than the current bots that are out there in the market today.

Our group of experienced hedge fund traders and developers are developing a software user application decentralized Artificial Intelligent (AI) trading bot that will offer investors a downloadable version V.1.0 application software. Our investors will be able to back test all algorithms before trading live. This method is proven to generate more profits.

Beta Testing

After the ICO, we will choose some investors to beta test Ethercoin AI trading bot. Once testing is complete, we will launch the Ethercoin AI trading bot application V1.0 to investors for download. Beta testers will be rewarded with a free AI trading bot and six-month free membership.

Membership is $50 per month and must be paid in Ethercoin tokens which will be burned rewarding the Ethercoin token holders.

Please feel free to contact our Hedge Fund Trader Jeremy and ask questions about the AI Trading Bot software user application features. You can ask him questions about trading strategies as well. If you think you have any ideas you would like to see the AI trading bot do we are open to suggestions. This bot will be customized for our investors.

Please allow up to 48hrs for Jeremy to respond.
Contact Email:

Trading Manual

Trading Guide

How to Get Rewards

Bounty Rewards Program

Investors will be offered a bounty for their hard work promoting Ethercoin. Investors will be rewarded after the ICO if all 13,000,000 tokens are sold out. Here are the following criteria to qualify for bounty rewards.

Formula for Investors

Number of tokens Tokens Percentage
# 50 to 999 = .20%
# 1,000 to 9,999 = .40%
# 10,000 and Up = .60%

We will air drop ETH into your personal ERC20 wallet once the ICO is complete.

Add Ethercoin tokens to your METAMASK wallet.

Add Custom Token for ETCN in your METAMASK wallet

Contract Address: 0xa5de32ca3112d17f508437f6ce4fe9b04fff4a3e

Token Symbol: ETCN

Token Decimals: 18

Coin Specification

Coin Name Ethercoin
Algorithm Casper
Presale 1,600,000
ICO 11,400,000
Ticker ETCN
Total Supply 15,000,000
Coin Type ERC20
Decimal 18

Android and IOS App

Investors of Ethercoin will be able to stake from their android phones or apple IOS phones using the Ethercoin staking app once the Casper algorithm becomes available. This App will connect directly to the investors qt staking wallet. Tokens can be sent to exchanges and traded for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.



ICO Private Sale

  • ICO private sale starts
  • Invitation only

JUNE 2018

ICO Pre-sale

  • ICO pre-sale starts
  • Instant Eth air drop bounty reward

JULY 2018


  • Jargon PR will launch an agressive International Marketing Campaign

AUG 2018

External Exchange

  • External Exchange Coinexchange, Cryptopia and Ether Delta target price $10
  • Block Explorer will launch

SEP 2018


  • Beta Testing Ethercoin AI Trading BOT User Application V.1.0
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap

OCT 2018

AI Trading Bot

  • Ethercoin user-friendly AI trading bot V.10 will be available for investors to download

NOV 2018

Buy Back

  • Buy Back

DEC 2018

Acquire Asset

  • Ether space will acquire asset-backed Co-working Spaces

JAN 2019

Android & IOS APP

  • Launch vault for quarterly earnings of Ether Space
  • Android and IOS App for staking Ethercoin based on Casper Algorithm

FEB 2019


Maximum Supply: 15,000,000 ETCN

ICO Crowdsale: 13,000,000 ETCN

Notice: All unsold tokens will be burned

Ethercoin (ETCN) is an ERC20 token on Ethereum’s smart contract. Most stable cryptocurrencies use two kinds of assets in overall turnover: traded token shares and a stable asset backed token.

Ethercoin will use a single coin employed both as a means of payment and as a shareholder in Ethercoins ecosystem by receiving quarterly interest payments. This approach further protects Ethercoin system from speculator interference. Another important advantage for investors is that they receive a reliable stable asset based working space token once the ICO is over.

Token Sale

Phase Tokens Rate Tokens Status
Private sale $0.20 2 million tokens Complete
Presale $0.50 1.6 million tokens Complete
ICO $1.00 11,400,000 million tokens Complete

Token Allocation