1. The minimum payment is .25 ETH. If you send less, the transaction will be rejected.
  2. Do not send ETH from your exchange Ethereum account address like coinbase, Bitfinex, Bittrex. You will lose your Ethercoin tokens.
  3. You need to use a standard ERC20 wallet and wallet needs to be configured to display the Ethercoin token as shown in the instructions.
  4. You will receive the tokens in the same wallet that you make the payment from.

Once you've followed the instructions,
Please make the payment in ETH to the following address:


The current Discount for the presale is 50% $ 0.50

You will get 1,146 Ethercoin = 1 ETH presale

You will get 573 Ethercoin = 1 ETH ICO

Claiming Tokens in Metamask

Alternatively, after the ICO is complete, Investors can claim there tokens in METAMASK.

This is done by adding the token by claiming them using your contract address of the original ICO.

See tab "ADD TOKEN" in the metamask UI, then paste the contract address.


user address

user tokens to transfer

Click on the links below and download the chrome extension. This will allow you to purchase Ethercoin using ethereum.

Get Firefox Addon
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